Where is ONAWERO?

I am often asked where is ONAWERO? Is there a location beyond the obvious one that at times when the SANTORINI BIENNALE happens, then there is a copy of it. Why it is obvious, you ask?

In The Gods of Informatics you find a chapter where Art Blue travels the way the brain of Albert Einstein was carried along. So you know now when and why Santorini. But are there other places as well? Oh yes, they are …


Onawero you might found out is described in Not Sand, Not Sound similar as Paros, an island in the Greek Cyclades. This links both books together in a magical way. But the magic just has just begun. There is A CALL for ONAWERO. Want to live there?


One thought on “Where is ONAWERO?

  1. Today I created a hashtag #onawero in facebook. I noticed that I was not the first to hashtag #DigitalAnthropocene, so at least at Onawero I am the very first one 🙂


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