“Before you can delete information you need to have it” 

                                             – Anonymous

I said you sit at a beach in Onawero. It is a part of “the Virgin Islands of America” (*) just with a little detail. It is tax free. You pay a one-time entrance fee and that is it. The only thing that comes as a but is that you are logged. But in fact it is not a but, it is an advantage. You are then saved from being misunderstood. I once read a line that settled my life “… for a steady flow in a clear river running down from the Crater Lake in Oregon”.

From the Chapter ONAWERO in

Not Sand Not Sound

by traveler 3326 at Amazon, 11/2017

(*) For some readers of The Gods of Informatics the question raised: “Is this the only place?” Indeed it is not. The Virgin Islands of America is a honorary mention linking to the bunny as she lived once there not knowing that this description is not correct in terms of geography. She is a linguist you know, not a geographer.